————————————————————————————————— Livestock Water Run | Florida Consolidated Ditch Company

The 2023 LIVESTOCK WATER RUN will be from November 13th thru 17th.

Please submit the Livestock Water Eligibility Form along with your Schedule F tax form in order to be placed on the list.  The forms are available on the website under Forms or call 970-749-9800 or email (floridaditch@gmail.com)  to have the form sent to you. These must be submitted each year.  Below are the requirements to be eligible for the livestock water run.  You will still need to call the office prior to November 13th, so a water delivery date can be scheduled during that week.

9.2  Livestock Water

As may be determined by the Board of Directors of FWCD, water to fill livestock ponds may be released from Lemon Reservoir after the close of the irrigation season each year. Because livestock water is released after the close of the irrigation season, this water is not project water allocated to specific lands. Instead, the supply of project water for livestock is a benefit created by the existence of Lemon Dam and the policies set by the District and the Ditch Companies. It is a courtesy service provided to livestock owners who earn income from their livestock to help provide water to livestock through the non-irrigation season. The amount of livestock water to be released, if any, will be determined by FWCD in its discretion.

To be eligible to divert livestock water from the Ditch (1) the applicant for livestock water must either own livestock or lease to someone who owns livestock; (2) The property must have a storage facility to hold the stock water, (3) the livestock must have access to the storage facility, and (4) the applicant for livestock water must sign an Affidavit verifying that he files a Schedule F or other tax return form showing income from Livestock or leases to someone who files said forms. Upon request, the applicant for livestock water must provide the Ditch Company with a copy of the schedule F or other tax return form from his/her past year’s tax return which shows income from Livestock. The Ditch Company reserves the right to deny the delivery of livestock water to anyone who does not meet the eligibility criteria set forth above.

During times of livestock water runs, you will still be required to place a call to the Ditch Office in order to receive water.

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