————————————————————————————————— Operations Manager Job Posting | Florida Consolidated Ditch Company


The Operations Manager works with the Office Manager, reports to the board of directors, and oversees the ditch riders in the operation of the ditch system to deliver the water to the shareholders of the Florida Consolidated Ditch Company (Ditch Company) in a timely and efficient manner. Responsibilities include communicating with shareholders, maintaining the ditch, managing personnel, working with contractors, equipment operators, government officials, and limiting risk and liability to the Ditch Company and shareholders. This position is a full time during the summer irrigation season with the ability to work part time in the off season. The Manager should expect this job to be first priority employment if the manager has other jobs.

General Responsibilities:

(Not intended to be exhaustive list)

Supervisory Role:

Supervise staff including Ditch Rider 1 and 2

Responsible for ditch rider staff concerns with Board input/approval

Supervise ditch riders, including conducting annual (or more frequent) performance evaluations, coordinating training, and implementing hiring, discipline, and termination procedures

Immediate family members shall not be hired without authorization from the Board

Establish a process to address conflicts between employees and shareholders

Update employee job descriptions as needed

Ditch system operations:

Oversees ditch system maintenance and operations, and ensures ditch is operational.

Provide direction and control of all labor hired in the performance of ditch maintenance/repair.

Provide direction and control as to the purchase of materials and supplies to be used for ditch maintenance and operations.

Notify and or schedule with adjacent landowner maintenance activities and work.

In conjunction with the Office Manager, the Operations Manager is the primary contact to provide direction and control of the flow of water through the ditch systems.

Supports Office Manager in maintaining accurate records of the amount of water ordered and the amount of water delivered to shareholders. Coordinates with FWCD and Office Manager on a daily basis as to the amount of water needed to meet demands of the shareholders.

Prepare, develop, and maintain a written master maintenance plan for each section of the ditch. This plan shall be presented to the BOD, and is subject to revision as needed. This plan should include but is not limited to the following:

  • Priority of repair work
  • Approximate cost of repair work
  • Scope of repairs

Manage/Oversee daily canal operations, headgate adjustments, replacement of weirs and headgates and all pre, during, and post season maintenance activities, canal safety and maintenance and maintenance work

Manage and maintain GIS data and equipment

Ensures 24/7 emergency response coverage for the ditch, including being part of the rotation of said coverage with ditch riders

Perform ditch rider duties when needed for back-up or assistance


Creates and maintains budget, including administering and tracking budgets and expenditures, while monitoring project timelines and budgets

In conjunction with Office Manager, prepares and presents financial reports at monthly board meetings

Prepares regulatory and other department reports

Manages contractor information, prepare bid documents, hold pre-bid meetings, and manage contracts

Collaborates with Office manager to prepare for annual shareholder meetings, including agenda, notices, proxies, reservation of spaces

Maintain maintenance requirement logs

Deliver timely and detailed reports to the board of directors regarding operations, maintenance requirements, minimum of monthly, quarterly and annual

Develops and maintains a filing and record keeping systems to information related to ditch operations

Updates digital files and records

Maintains and updates associated databases

Oversees staffing special projects

Project Management:

Works directly with USBR for automated sites

Works to enhance and automate water delivery

Familiar with all water rights, agencies, and persons pertaining to the operation of the canal system

Familiar with all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the operation of the canal system; Ensure security of canal information, rights-of-way, personnel and equipment


High school diploma or equivalent is preferred for this position, plus experience in irrigation water delivery, inspection, maintenance and repair of irrigation canals, ditches, flumes, and other related structures and conveyances. Familiarity with Colorado water law as it pertains to irrigation is preferred. Demonstrated ability to interact comfortably and productively with the public, company shareholders, directors and shareholders, and related government officials.

Individual is expected to provide his or her own vehicle, with valid driver’s license and insurance provided to Board.

Able to safely use hand and power tools, cell phones and computers. Must be able to perform ditch rider duties.

Must know how to contact pertinent canal and safety officials in the event of canal emergencies.

Must submit to random drug testing as required by the Board.